Its Official. Sizemore Is The Guy.

John Farrell has officially named Grady Sizemore the Red Sox Opening Day center fielder and Jackie Bradley Jr will start the season in AAA.

Sizemore hasnt played in the majors since 2011 but this Spring Training he hit .333 with a home run while Jackie Bradley Jr hit .158 and led the Red Sox in strikeouts (17).

Ben Cherington is a friggin genius.  I mean, no one expected Bradley Jr to shit the bed this spring but give Cherington credit. He picked up Sizemore at the YMCA workout room as an insurance policy and it worked out perfectly.  As far as Im concerned, Cherington is already in the running for MLB Executive of the Year.

On a side note, Grady Sizemore seems a little more durable than that pussy who used to play center field for the Red Sox. 

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