John Henry Verbally Bitch Slapped The Marlins On Twitter. That Was Very Massholey Of Him.

The Marlin were upset because the Red Sox started all minor leaguers against them on Thursday.  Well, John Henry put those bitches in their place.


Seriously, the Marlins organization sucks.  Simply put, they are bad for baseball.  They get a ton of money from revenue sharing and consistently have one of the lowest payrolls in the league.  They are basically stealing money from MLB.

The fact that their front office was "upset" about the Red Sox fielding minor leaguers against them in a spring training game and actually bitched to the media about it is a joke.  Good for John Henry for not putting up with their shit.  He has every right to bash the assholes running that organization. I couldnt be more proud of him right now.

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