SHOCKA: The Red Sox Are Playing The Yankees Today And Jacoby Ellsbury Will Sit Out With An Injury.

From TheJournalNews:

One day after being scratched from the Yankees' lineup because of a tight right calf, center field Jacoby Ellsbury stayed behind in Tampa on Monday to take indoor batting practice.

The Yankees play Ellsbury's former team, the Red Sox, on Tuesday, but chances are he won't be in the lineup.  "My guess is it will be no," manager Joe Girardi said. "But we'll see."

After signing a seven-year, $153-million deal this offseason, Ellsbury became the Yankees first key player to suffer an injury this spring.

Well, the $153 million pussy is at it already.  I am so glad this guy is not on the Red Sox anymore.  And Im even more glad that the Yankees pissed away $153 million on one of the biggest pussies in the history of Major League Baseball.

The dude isnt even really injured.  He just doesnt feel like playing because he is sore.  That is such a pussy move.  Anyway, he's their problem now.  Im just going to sit back and enjoy watching Yankees fans, and their front office, collectively shake their heads and feel pissed off.

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