Red Sox Prospect Jon Denney Was Arrested And Told Police He Was Just Out "Partying And Looking To Get Some Pussy." You Cant Make This Shit Up.

From Yahoo Sports:
Boston Red Sox prospect Jon Denney was arrested for driving with a suspended license early Thursday morning. Denney furnished a license that was restricted for business and emergency purposes after an alleged DUI in Arkansas, the report said.
When asked by police why he was in the Fort Myers Beach area, Denney, according to police, replied: "Partying and looking to get some [expletive]."

Denney also told police that he played for the Red Sox and that he didn't care about being pulled over because he made more money than they would ever see.  This guy sounds like a real douche.

He was charged with knowingly driving with a revoked license and spent the night in jail.  He posting the $500 bond the following morning and was released.

Im going to guess this guy didnt get pussy that night.  Just a guess.

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