The Latest Poll Results Are In. And The Entire Country Thinks The Broncos Were Stupid Fucks For Giving Aqib Talib All That Money.

via SportsNation

This is an actual poll on ESPN right now.  And it is proof that the Broncos are incredibly desperate to win a Super Bowl before Peyton Manning's neck gives out. 

They grossly overpaid for Aqib Talib.  What makes them look like morons is the fact that Talib is not the savior.  The good money says he will get injured at some point during the regular season and he wont show up in the post season.  We've seen it before.

John Elway just made probably the dumbest decision he's ever made as a Broncos exec.  Kudos, Mr. Elway.  You just made yourself look like a wicked big asshole.

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