Holy Shit. This Picture Of Tom Brady Watching The Tragic Back Bay Fire Yesterday Is Chilling.

via @BostonHerald

I wasnt going to say anything about the fire in the Back Bay yesterday.  I was going to leave that to the people who cover real news.  I mean, sports is an escape from real life.  Its where you go to get away from the scary shit out there.

But this has to be said: firefighters are some of the bravest son of a bitches on the planet.  They really are. They run into burning buildings for Christ's sake.  While the normal folks try like hell to get out or stand by and stare in awe, they put their lives at risk by running towards the flames.

I walk by that Fire Station in Back Bay all the time.  I cant imagine myself walking by and not thinking of Michael Kennedy and Lt. Ed Walsh going forward.  Sure, we are Massholes but we are a community.  And yesterday we lost two of our bravest.

Today, my thoughts and prayers go out to the fallen. 

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