To Anyone Who Thinks Brad Marchand Was Faking An Injury, Here's The "Shut The Fuck Up" Proof That He Wasnt.

There were a lot of assholes on Twitter last night (along with one asshole who writes for the Sporting News and a wicked big asshole who writes for SB Nation) claiming Brad Marchand was faking an injury because he grabbed "the wrong knee" after his collision with Brendan Smith.

Well, those ignorant pricks need to stop just seeing what they want to see and actually go back and look at the tape before pouncing on Marchand.

That right knee was twisted in ways it's not supposed to be twisted.  So, for all the internet tough guys out there, this is your "shut the fuck up" moment.  Sure, it's easy to hate Brad Marchand, but to spew propaganda to further your agenda is ignorant, irresponsible and just plain douchey.

The authors of those articles on SB Nation and The Sporting News owe Brad Marchand and the Bruins organization an apology.  I thought trolling was just for internet forums and comment sections.  I guess I was wrong.

By the way, Brad Marchand responded to the internet tough guys after the game last night:


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