Friday Is Finally Here

A lot of Bruins fans are scared of the Red Wings and honestly, I have no friggin idea why.

The reality is, the Bruins have the deepest team in the NHL, the best goalie, the best head coach, the most experience of any team and they have the "let's win it for Iggy" thing going.

They arent a one dimensional team relying on some wonderboy to take them to the promised land (like the Penguins). Fans should feel good about that fact and they should have a ton of confidence going into this thing.

The fact is, the Bruins are the only true elite team in the Eastern Conference and other teams should be scared of them.

And let's be serious, with the realignment, the Red Wings are no longer in a Mickey Mouse division and in the end, they finished as the lowest possible seed in the Eastern Conference seeding (they had the least amount of wins and tied for the least amount of points).  Fuck them.  This isnt their playoffs.

So, other than their cool uniforms and inflated legacy from playing in such a weak assed division all those years, what are they? They are the lowest seed playing against a team with five 20 goal scorers that rolls out four lines every night and has the best goalie in the NHL between the pipes.  The Red Wings and their fans should be scared shitless right now.

My official prediction: Bruins in 5.

And before people start bitching about how the Red Wings beat the Bruins three times this year, remember the Bruins didnt beat the Penguins once in the regular season last year and we all know what happened in the Eastern Conference Finals.

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