FINAL: Bruins 4 Red Wings 1

The Bruins were playing "fuck you" hockey in Game 2. Thats the best way I can explain it. In Game 1, both teams were feeling each other out. Game 2 was a more typical Bruins game and in the end, the Red Wings lost 4-1.

It sucks to be them.  I mean, today proved that the Red Wings cannot play Bruins hockey.  They just cant.  Im not saying this series is over, but the Bruins are in their heads and if they keep playing intimidating, balls to the wall hockey like they did in Game 2, this is going to be a quick series.

Honestly, Id be surprised if Tuukka Rask allows another goal in this series. The only goals the Red Wings have scored on this series have been flukey for Christ's sake.

For the record, I picked the Bruins in five.  So far, so good.