The Red Sox Gave David Ortiz This MVP Ring...Just Because.

The Red Sox front office gave David Ortiz this ring yesterday just because.

This tells me that they get it.  They really get it.  When all is said and done, David Ortiz may go down as the greatest Red Sox player of all time.  He was the heart of the Red Sox lineup for three World Series championships and has had some of the most clutch hits in the history of this organization.

I understand that guys like Cy Young, Ted Williams and Babe Ruth played for the Red Sox.  But I repeat: David Ortiz won three World Series titles with this team.  And like Young, Williams and Ruth, Ortiz will go down in baseball history as the best of all time at his position.

Anyone who says the Red Sox ownership was wrong for giving this ring to Ortiz needs to, first of all, educate themselves on the history of major league baseball and secondly, shut the fuck up.

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