Xander Bogaerts Tweeted A Picture Of Some Lady In A Thong Last Night Then Proceeded To Shut Down His Twitter Account. Okay Then.

Last night (or should I say early this morning), the Red Sox beat the White Sox in a 14 inning marathon game that lasted five hours and seventeen minutes.

After the game, Xander Bogaerts tweeted this picture:

Rather than just delete the tweet, he deleted his entire Twitter account (@XanderBogaerts is now just a page that says "sorry, that page doesnt exist).

I guess that was the responsible thing to do.  Especially considering Tyler Seguin got dumped into hockey purgatory for doing stupid, immature shit and Tim Thomas basically got run out of town for being irresponsible on social media.

That's too bad though.  I was looking forward to his next tweet.

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