Bill Belichick Has Responsed To The Patriots' Leaked Johnny Manziel Scouting Report: 'Go Talk To The Geniuses On MyFace, YourFace And InstantFace.'

On Friday, a brutally honest Patriots scouting report on Johnny Manziel which called him a "spoiled brat," said that he never watches film and would never take football serious enough for the Patriots coaching staff was leaked and posted online.

Well, Bill Belichick has officially responded.  He said:
"There's no way I can sit up here and tell you that I’ve read it all. I've read a fraction of it. But we have a ton of information on all the players that are in the draft. What's online, you should go talk to the geniuses that are online. I don't know. MyFace, YourFace, InstantFace. Go talk to whoever you want that does that stuff. I don't know.”

Classic Belichick.

(The NFL is douchey with their videos and dont allow bloggers like me to embed them, so click here to see the video on  The wiseass response comes at the 14:37 mark.)

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