A Canadiens Fan Celebrated Last Night By Violating The Bobby Orr Statue Outside The Garden. What A Fucking Asshole.

Whoever took this picture deserves a Pulitzer Prize.  I mean, this captures the essence of Canadiens fans.  They are douchey, they are obnoxious and even when they win, they are fucking assholes. 

Just to recap , when they thought they were going to lose Game 6, the city prepared for riots.  When they ended up winning Game 6, they pranced around the streets of Montreal with a dead bear's skin.  Now, they've won the series and we have this gem of some asshole dry humping the Bobby Orr statue. 

These people are fucking scum.  They really are.  They are lowslife scumbags and are bad for the sport.  Even on my most pissed off of days, I wouldnt do something like this.

I dont mind the gloating.  I dont mind the shit talking.  But for the love of Christ, there is no fucking need for this kind of bullshit.

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