Carey Price Had The Balls To Say The Bruins Game 2 Comeback Was Simply Luck. I Shit You Not.

After Game 2, Carey Price had the balls to say the following about the Bruins third period comeback:  "they got pretty lucky. They were playing desperate at the end of the game, and they found a way to put it in the net." He also said, "they're throwing pucks at the net and they're finding their way through."

It sounds like Carey Price is making excuses.  It also sounds like maybe he's a little insecure.  You must admit, its pretty douchey to say a team was lucky and not take responsibility for what happened.  Hell, after Game 1 Tukkaa Rask admitted that he played like shit and flat out said, "I sucked."

Carey Price actually sounds like a bit of a head case right now.  He actually reminds me of another goalie the Bruins sent to the psychiatric ward: Roberto Luongo.

Only time will tell if the Bruins Game 2 comeback has permanently turned Price into a fruit loop.  But the first sign that a goalie isnt right between the ears is their post game quotes.  Remember when Luongo famously bitched about Tim Thomas not pumping his tires? 

Yea, that was the beginning of his downward spiral.  Now we have a goalie calling a President's Trophy winning team (and a team who made it to the Stanley Cup Final last season) "lucky" and basically deflecting any and all responsibility.

Stay tuned, folks.  It is very likely we are witnessing the mental demise of Carey Price.

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