Further Proof People Suck: Peabody City Council May Ban Street Hockey And Basketball On Public Streets

From MyFoxBoston:
A neighborhood spat could not only soon change public policy in Peabody, but make a childhood tradition history. The city council there is considering sidelining street hockey and basketball.

A resident of Tara Road even put up no trespassing signs, and now a war of words between neighbors may lead to a new ordinance. This specific resident, who did not want to be interviewed, is not happy about a ball bouncing on her property if kids miss the net, resident Charles Kirby said. The town is now contemplating making it illegal to drag them into the street and just leave them there.

"There were a couple of neighbors that were having a dispute over basketball hoops being in front of their property," Dave Gravel, councilor at large said. That neighbor’s complaint is now a dispute and could soon get police involved. Gravel proposed an ordinance to restrict leaving nets permanently in place.

People in New England have been playing street hockey for decades. Now all of a sudden, just because one cranky neighbor bitches to a city councilor about it, they are considering a ban? Come on.

There is no way that a ball bouncing on a lawn is going to do any catastrophic damage. This lady needs to lighten up and let the kids be kids.

Seriously, if they are vandalizing her property, then sure call the police.  But if they are simply walking on her lawn to get their ball, you suck it up and take one for the sake of the community.

Some people just suck.

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