VIDEO: Joe Maddon Was Asked About The Benches Clearing And Just Bitched About The Red Sox Stealing A Base In The ALDS Last Year Like A Condescending Prick.

Listen to Joe Maddon explain how Yunel Escobar stealing third with a five run lead in the seventh wasnt as "egregious" as the Red Sox stealing a base last year in the ALDS when they were up six runs in the eight.

And this is what makes Joe Maddon so friggin annoying.

The Red Sox stole a base in a playoff game.  His team just stole a base in a regular season game against a team that had just lost nine game in a row while up five runs.  There is a difference.  And the Red Sox had every right to be pissed off.  Every right.

The fact that he is trying to compare the two in a weak attempt to justify his player's douchey behavior makes him sound like a condescending prick.

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