Montreal Gazette Columnist Somehow Tied Milan Lucic's Trash Talking To "Boston Strong." Give Me A Friggin Break.

From The Montreal Gazzette:
Lucic’s antics were, in truth, an insult to the entire concept of “Boston Strong,” of a city pulling together in the wake of a tragedy. How? By threatening to kill two of your opponents after you lost a game and a series, fair and square? How does that reflect “Boston Strong”?

Someone in the Boston hierarchy needs to sit down with Lucic and tell him to stow the crap.
Im not going to go on a rant here.  All I will say is that tying Boston Strong to Milan Lucic's antics during the post game handshake is bullshit.

And this guy, Jack Todd, needs to grow the hell up.  His article is basically 800 words of bitching and moaning about the Bruins bullying the Canadiens and he threw in a blurb about Lucic and Boston Strong to get people to click on his horseshit article.

This is lazy journalism at its best.

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