REPORT: Montreal City Officials Are Concerned About Potential Rioting When The Canadiens Lose And Say The Police Are "On Alert."

From The Montreal Gazette:
With tensions already running high between the hometown Canadiens and their arch rival Boston Bruins, city officials say they're staying vigilant to ensure the passion doesn't morph into mayhem on Montreal streets.

Montreal's history of Stanley Cup riots is well documented, with the Canadiens' most recent Stanley Cup triumphs in 1986 and 1993 marred by hooliganism. What's more alarming is that in recent years, an early-round victory has been enough to set off rioting.

The worst came in April 2008 after the Canadiens' seventh-game playoff win against the Bruins. It culminated with police cars being burned and downtown businesses being looted.
"We are concerned about (potential problems), but we are working with the police and we have a plan," said the city councillor in charge of public security. "We are ready and we hope it's going to work." 

Seriously, how embarrassing is it that a city has to tell it's people that they are ready to take them on when the inevitable riots happen?  Canadiens fans ought to be ashamed of themselves.

They claim to be morally decent people but the reality is they've booed the US national anthem, they've lit cop cars are fire, they've rioted in their own city and they've made a mockery of the criminal justice system by calling 911 when one of their players got injured during a friggin hockey game.

The hypocrisy coming out of that city is just nauseating.

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