Those Ignorant Assholes Tweeting Racial Slurs About PK Subban Arent Bruins Fans. They're Internet Trolls...And They Need To Go The Fuck Away.

I wasnt even going to write about this. I didnt want to give a handful of internet tough guys the attention they so desperately sought. But everyone is talking about it so I have to say something.

The fucktards who posted those racist tweets about PK Subban are not Bruins fans and they dont represent this fanbase.  That is a fact.

What happened on Twitter last night is not a Bruins issue.  It is not a Boston issue.  It is a Twitter issue.  Twitter is a great social media tool...but it is also a cesspool of hate.  It is a place where hate mongers and racist assholes go to vent and spew their hatred.

There are reports that the players at the game didnt hear any racial slurs coming from the fans in the crowd.  Claude Julien also said he didnt hear any racial slurs.  Hell, I cant find any reports of players, coaches, media, or any fans at the game hearing any racial slurs being tossed around at the Garden last night.

These ignorant shitstains who posted these tweets are nothing more than internet trolls.  They will always be there, ready to spew their hatred anytime they think they can get attention.  They shouldnt be referred to as Bruins fans and going forward, they need to be ignored by the media.

It is just frustrating as hell that these assholes come out of the woodwork and use a Bruins game as a platform to spew their hatred.  It happened a few years ago after the Joel Ward goal and now here we are again--Bruins fans looking like the assholes because of a handful of racist pricks who probably dont even watch the sport.

For the love of Christ, they just need to just go the fuck away.

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