REPORT: The Canadiens Front Office Is "Fuming" Over This Milan Lucic Spear On Alexei Emelin Last Night. Talk About Making Shit Up.

Emelin Is A Pussy

Another spearing incident involving Boston Bruins winger Milan Lucic had members of the Montreal Canadiens front office fuming in the wake of Game 3. 

The play went largely undetected in the third period of Montreal’s 4-2 victory Tuesday night. After carrying the puck into the offensive zone and having it knocked off his stick by Alexei Emelin, Lucic jabbed the Habs defenceman in the stomach with 12:05 remaining in the game.

The NHL was aware of the latest incident, but no discipline hearing had been scheduled for Lucic as of late Wednesday morning, according to a source.

That was barely even a love tap, for Christ's sake.  The Canadiens front office has no right to be "fuming" over this.  The fact that they even bitched to the media about it is irresponsible and childish.

The only reason I can think of for them to bring this up is to try and smear Milan Lucic's name.  The commission needs to have a long talk with the cry baby who leaked this propaganda to the media.  There is no place for this kind of bullshit in the NHL.

I came into this series with a strong hatred for the Canadiens, their coaching staff and their fans.  Well, I have officially added their front office to my shit list.  Lying pricks.

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