REPORT: Mayor Walsh Lost His Bet With The Mayor Of Montreal And Will Hang A Canadiens Flag At City Hall For A Week.

From CBC News:
Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre spent a few minutes on the phone today with Boston Mayor Marty Walsh to place a bet on the NHL playoff series between the Habs and the Bruins.

Coderre told Walsh that if Montreal wins, Walsh will have to wear a Habs jersey and fly a flag of the Montreal Canadiens at Boston City Hall for a week.

Coderre - and Montreal - will sport the Bruins' colours if that team wins.  “I like it. I’ll accept the bet,” Walsh said from Boston.

Im sorry, but Mayor Walsh is under no obligation to hang the Canadiens flag at our city hall.  None.  Considering the actions of these world class douchebags, all bets made before the series should be considered null and void.

These scumbags disrespected the sport of hockey and embarrassed themselves with their lowbrow behavior.

They dragged a dead bear around their city:

They threw towels and beer at Milan Lucic:

And one of them dry humped our sacred Bobby Orr statue after clinching the series:

There is absolutely no shame in taking back a bet considering the way these assclowns acted during this series.

This is not about being a sore loser.  This is about the douchebaggery of these Canadiens fans.  These shitstains really think they are bigger than the sport of hockey itself.  They gave the middle finger to any etiquette that is expected from good fans and they acted like arrogant assholes.  Now it's our chance to give them a giant fuck you back.

They shamelessly and repeatedly hit below the belt in this series, they were a disgrace to their country and showed zero respect to the people of this great city.  There is no reason why Mayor Walsh should show them the respect of honoring a bet.  Period.

So now, I am calling on Mayor Walsh to renege on this bet. Your move, Mr. Mayor.

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