Okay, Shawn Thornton Has Officially Lost His Mind.

This is Shawn Thornton spraying PK Subban with water from his water bottle:

And this is Shawn Thornton laughing about it like a maniac:

Im not blindly sticking up for Shawn Thornton here, but PK Subban is a notorious diver, a ducker, an agitator and a pussy who backs down anytime someone wants to fight him. After sitting back and watching this dude get away with all the bullshit he gets away with, you can't blame a guy for wanting to squirt water in his friggin face.

Subban tried to get physical with the Bruins in Game 5 and play to their style and came across as nothing more than a fake tough guy.  He repeatedly turtled and cowardly skated away rather than deal with the consequences of his physicality and false machismo.

It must be frustrating as all hell to play against a guy like that.  I completely understand why Thornton would want to squirt that prick.  Subban should be thankful there wasnt piss in that bottle.

If you havent seen it, here's video of the incident as it happened, complete with Pierre McGuire commentary:

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