Yahoo Is Claiming There Is "Outrage" Over The Shawn Thornton Water Bottle Incident. Talk About Making Shit Up.

this is a screenshot of yesterday

Outrage.  Yahoo chose to use the word "outrage" to describe the backlash from the Shawn Thornton PK Subban water bottle incident.  What the hell am I missing here?

I'm on the internet about 23.5 hours a day (it takes me about a half hour to shit and shower in the morning) and I listen to hours of sports talk radio and I havent heard any outrage about this incident.  None.  Most people are just laughing it off.  Hell, PK Subban himself even said after the game that it was no big deal.

Yet in their article, Yahoo cites two anonymous idiots bitching about the incident on twitter and are calling it "outrage."  Let's be serious, Yahoo is trying to create a story here.  That's all this is.  It is bullshit and it's a pathetic way to run a website.

A lot of people use Yahoo as their homepage.  They have a journalistic responsibility to not be dicks.

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