Meanwhile, In Aaron Hernandez News...

Lawyers representing Aaron Hernandez will appear in front of Superior Court Judge E. Susan Garsh next week to ask that murder and firearm indictments related to the homicide of Odin Lloyd be dismissed.

Defense attorneys James L. Sultan, Charles W. Rankin and Michael K. Fee say in court papers that prosecutors called more than 80 witnesses before the grand jury and introduced a “mountain of documentary and video evidence” against the former Patriots tight end.

Yet they argue the presentation failed to establish probable cause that Hernandez either murdered Llyod himself or participated in a joint venture with Carlos Ortiz and Ernest Wallace to do so.

“Specifically, there was no forensic evidence presented linking Hernandez to the shooting, no eyewitness testimony, no inculpatory statements by Hernandez, and no evidence that Hernandez had any motive to kill Lloyd,” the defense writes.
The motion is slated to be heard on June 16.

Im not a lawyer, but this sounds like such a friggin waste of the judges time.

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