Ben Cherington Spoke To The Media Yesterday About The Stephen Drew Signing...And Flung A Lot Of Bullshit.

"We signed him because we felt he would make us better over the course of the season. We still feel that way. I don't have any reason to think he won't.”

“We felt like Stephen Drew made us a more complete roster even if he was still working on some things. So we signed him with the understanding that, as soon as he physically check out, he'd be on the team as soon as we could (do it). That's the way it turned out and we don't have any regrets with that.”

"So we have a guy who we trust, who we like, who's a good player, a trusted player, he's been here, done that, he's available to sign without giving up talent. So we did it.''

“He's only played four games,'' said Cherington. "It seems pretty early to make a judgment on that one. You all know Stephen Drew -- he's a really good major league player. We all know how good he is.”

Wow, that is a lot of bullshit.

Im disappointed.  I mean, Ben Cherington is a smart baseball man.  He has made a lot of good decisions as GM of the Red Sox.  He fucked up with the Stephen Drew signing.   And there is no shame in admitting that.

But I guess a part of his job is to be a PR spinster and fling some bullshit from time to time.  And right there, he just flung a truck load full (the scene from Back To The Future where Biff skateboards into a truck full of manure comes to mind).

Anyway, if Cherington was allowed to speak honestly and without Larry Lucchino's bullshit in his mouth, he would admit that the Red Sox would be better off with Xander Bogaerts at shortstop.  He would also admit that they would be better off with Brock Holt at third base and that they should have traded for outfield help and left the infield alone.

But like I said, part of being a GM in this town is flinging bullshit.  And he just flung a lot.

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