VIDEO: David Price Responded To David Ortiz Calling Him A Bitch By Saying He Acts Like He's "Bigger Than The Game." What A Bitch Thing To Say.

Here is David Price's interview with Ken Rosenthal before yesterday's game where he says David Ortiz acts like he is bigger than the game of baseball and belittles him for calling their feud a "war." Get ready for 2:50 minutes of douchebaggery:

David Price has some balls.  I mean, Yasiel Puig is the type of douchebag who acts like he is bigger than the game. Barry Bonds acted like he was bigger than the game. Im not being a blind homer by saying David Ortiz is not in that class of douchebags.

And calling out Ortiz for comparing their feud to a war is a dick move. Its called hyperbole.  Price knows that.  He's just trying to belittle Ortiz and make him look dumb.

All David Price did in this interview was make himself look like more of a bitch. Im starting to feel bad for the guy, I really am.

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