FINAL: Red Sox 4 Tampon Bay Rays 0

When the Red Sox lost ten games in a row, I was ready to head to the Tobin. Today, I have a pants tent of epic proportions. I dont even know where to begin.

I mean, Jon Lester was a friggin beast. He went seven innings, allowed four hits, struck out 12, and only walked one. The Rays didnt have a prayer.  Lester was absolutely light out.

Brock Holt got on base five times and tied the the Red Sox record for doubles in a game with four.  He also had two RBI all while playing first base for the first time ever.  When Stephen Drew gets here, John Farrell has to find a way to keep this guy in the lineup.  Just the idea of Drew bumping this guy from the everyday lineup pisses me off and I will have no problem shitting all over Drew when that day comes.

Anyway, all four runs for the Red Sox were driven in by rookies--Brock Holt (2), Jonathan Herrera (1) and some dude named Garin Cecchini (1).  Hell, the Red Sox fielded a total of six rookies on the day.  I can just picture Ben Cherington sitting there watching this game and just saying, "yup."

This team has now won seven wins in a row.  Fuck yea.

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