REPORT: MLB Has Changed It's Ruling. David Ortiz Has Been Credited With A Hit On That Mauer Play. Well, That’s Interesting.

From NESN:
Ortiz caused a stir last Wednesday at Fenway Park after official scorer Bob Ellis handed Minnesota Twins first baseman Joe Mauer an error rather than award Ortiz a hit on a ground ball in the seventh inning of the Red Sox’s 2-1 win.
Ellis changed his ruling Monday, giving Ortiz the single that the nine-time All-Star was very adamant about receiving.

So in the end, David Ortiz was right.  I guess he had every right to be pissed off.

And Joe Torre looks like a real dick.  Remember, he made it a point to go to the media and chastise Ortiz for disagreeing with the official scorers call...which turned out to be wrong.  What sucks is that Ortiz looks like a dick too for publicly calling out the official scorer for his incompetence.

Anyway, this whole thing was just one big mess.

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