VIDEO: Here Are David Ortiz's 2 Home Runs In The ALDS That Pissed David Price Off. Seriously, What The Hell Is He Mad About?

The reason David Price drilled Big Papi and started all this bullshit drama is because he thinks Ortiz showboated and acted like he was "bigger than the game" after hitting a pair of home runs in Game 2 of the ALDS last year.

Well, here are both home runs (with the TBS and WEEI audio) and in neither instance does Ortiz show up Price. The only reason he didnt leave the batters box in the second one is because he thought it was foul.

David Price needs to stop PMS-ing and grow a pair of balls. This is a big boys game. He shouldnt get all pissy because he gave up a pair of home runs to one of the greatest post season hitters to ever play the game.  If this is really what set him off, then he needs to go see a shrink.  This guy is obviously fucked up between the ears.

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