REPORT: The Bruins Won't Re-Sign Shawn Thornton

The fact that Shawn Thornton will no longer be a Bruin sucks on so many levels. Fighting is basically being phased out of the game and now the Bruins dont have a true enforcer.

Sure, players come and go but the Bruins didnt have to do this.  They could have kept him on the roster and simply limited his playing time.  That way, at least they would still have someone on their roster who was a true fighter and could be sent out there to mix shit up if the Bruins needed it.

So what happens now?  Are we going to see Milan Lucic drop the gloves more?  Is Zdeno Chara actually going to fight?  Will Kevan Miller be the guy?  Shawn Thornton didnt put a lot of points on the board, but the Bruins need a guy like him to win.  That is a fact.

Shawn Thornton was a fighter, a warrior and a leader on this team.  He gave his heart and soul for this team and got punched in the face thousands of times for his teammates.  Im not saying this as a yahoo fan, Im saying this as someone who understands hockey:  the Bruins need a guy like Shawn Thornton.  Period.  And the fact that he will not be a Bruin next season really, really sucks.

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