VIDEO: Adam Wainwright Tells Erin Andrews That The All Star Game Does Mean Something And He's Sorry For Throwing Jeter A Meatball In An Incredibly Awkward Interview.

FOX showed Adam Wainwright a replay of his 87 mph "fastball" right down the middle of the plate to Derek Jeter and stuck a microphone (and Erin Andrews) in his face and this awkwardness ensued:

What burns my as is that Wainwright apologized for "taking away" from Derek Jeter's moment.  What a joke.  Jeter's moment was the standing ovation before the at bat.  Once he steps into the batters box, you play the friggin game.  That's the way baseball goes.  Oh that's right.  That wasn't a baseball game.  That was the Derek Jeter Invitational.

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