Benches Cleared In Pawtucket Last Night And Will Middlebrooks Was Right In The Middle Of It.

When Esmil Rogers hit Will Middlebrooks with a pitch in 2012, the then-95-mph fastball broke the third baseman’s wrist and subsequently ended his rookie season.

After seeing Middlebrooks face Rogers on Friday, as the PawSox took on the Buffalo Bisons, it’s safe to assume the two haven’t forgotten.

The starting pitcher plunked Middlebrooks in the arm in the fifth inning, after the previous pitch was thrown high and tight. The third baseman immediately voiced his displeasure, slamming his bat to the dirt near home plate.

In the sixth, Alex Hassan hit a solo homer off Rogers to tie the game. The next pitch Rogers threw was high and tight to Deven Marrero. When Rogers struck out Corey Brown, he said something to the DH and that was the tipping point. Brown started to walk toward the pitcher, and the benches cleared.

I dont blame Middlebrooks for being pissed off.  Esmil Rogers basically derailed what was Middlebrooks' breakout season in 2012 and he had the balls to pitch inside to him again?  The dude deserved a good smack.  Too bad baseball players don't actually fight.

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