David Ortiz Says He's Been Drug Tested 40 Times And Anyone Who Says He Got A Free Pass On PEDs Can "Shove It Up Their Ass"

David Ortiz has responded to the John Lackey / Buck Showalter / Nelson Cruz pissing match about dudes failing drug tests and he basically ripped the critics a new asshole.

From WEEI:
"What pisses me off is the whole thing about, why does my name got to be mentioned in that? What did I have to do with that? I saw on MLB the guys talking about it, and then they brought my name up, and one of the guys said that I got a free pass on that."

"Let me tell you. You don’t get no free pass here, especially a guy like me. I don’t get no free pass. That free pass B.S. that they want to talk about over there, they can shove it up their [expletive]."

“That’s reality. You don’t use the words that I get a free pass. You don’t get a free pass on this. MLB don’t play that B.S. MLB don’t play that."

"There’s a reason why I’ve been drug-tested like eight times and we’re not even at the break. Is that a free pass? There’s a reason why I’ve been tested like 40 times since they approved the policy, the drug policy. Is that a free pass? They can get that free pass and shove it up their [expletive].”

Now that, my fellow massholes, is what's called a verbal bitch slap.  And I dont blame Ortiz for verbally bitch slapping the haters.  I really don't.

I mean, all they have to go on is the fact that Ortiz was on a bullshit list of players who had failed a PED test in 2003.  That is is.  That bullshit list is the only thing associating David Ortiz with PEDs.

I call it a bullshit list because neither MLB nor the players union has ever explained what he tested positive for (or if it was a false positive).  And the 40 tests that he has taken after that list came out have proven him clean.  Yet these pricks cling to it like a bunch of rabid wolves starving for a reason to hate.

The reality is, we've never seen a huge spike in Ortiz's numbers.  He has never bulked up.  And he has never been associated with any known steroid dealers.  All the haters have is the list.

So, Kudos to Ortiz for telling it like it is.  Kudos for telling these pricks to shove it up their collective asses.  It's about time.

What's interesting is that the can or worms has now been opened.  Now the question is, does anyone in the media have the balls to dig a little deeper and try and find any real proof that Ortiz ever used PEDs?  Or are they just going to sit back, take this verbal bitch slap and cling to that mythical list.

Don't hold your breath.  These pussies won't bother to dig any deeper.  Because the reality is, if there was any dirt, it would have come out already.  Well played, Big Papi.  Checkmate.

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