FINAL: Red Sox 5 White Sox 4

Its amazing what dumping AJ Pierzynski will do to a team.  I know he was voted the most hated player in MLB in 2012, but is the guy really that much of a douche?  I mean, the Red Sox bench was actually alive and this offense actually grinded out a win.  What a shocka.

The offense did have their proverbial case of limp dick for seven innings but they scored three runs in the eight and two in the ninth and ended up winning on a Brock Holt walkoff single.

Mookie Betts went 2 for 3 with two doubles, Jackie Bradley Jr made a couple of highlight reel catches in center field and like I said, Brock Holt had the game winning hit.

So, the Red Sox won a pretty ballsy game with five rookies in the lineup and they played as if they gave a shit.  If this is what the "youth movement" is going to be like, Im all fuckin in kid.

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