WEEI's Kirk Minihane Called Erin Andrews A "Gutless Bitch" And Said She Should "Drop Dead." Well, That Seemed A Little Unnecessary...And Kinda Douchey.

It doesn't stop there. Gerry Callahan agreed that she is a bitch and then went on to call her a "bimbo."  Dont get me wrong, I can bust balls with the best of them.  But this isnt ball busting. This is a verbal bitch slap for no good reason.

Did I miss something?  I mean, I think Erin Andrew is terrible at what she does--she always seems really uncomfortable and uninformed and never goes off script--but was that Adam Wainwright interview really that bad?

Hell, he did most of the talking.  If anything, I give her credit for giving the guy a chance to explain himself.  Seems like just a couple of assholes looking for a reason to pounce.  Here's the video:

And a quick memo to WEEI: after you fire this psycho Minihane, shoot me an email. My mornings are free.

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