Some Dude Showed Up To Patriots Training Camp With A Painting Of Tom Brady And Gisele As A Gazelle. That Is Friggin Genius.

via USAToday

From USAToday:
Thousands of fans descended upon the Bon Secours Washington Redskins Training Camp the past three days to watch the team’s joint practices with the New England Patriots, but only one of them showed up with a painting of a finely dressed Tom Brady and what appears to be a deer in the background.

Local Richmond artist Jeromyah Jones, who calls the painting “The Heart of a Champion,” explains that the animal behind Brady is not a deer, but a gazelle.

“That’s his wife.  It symbolizes his wife, Gisele, and the graceful nature that she possesses. The red carpet that bridges the gap between their two professions, the modeling world and the sports world.”

If you don't know, a gazelle is a type of antelope (so wikipedia told me, anyway).  Yea, this dude just won the internet.

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