Well, This Is Interesting.

From Boston.com:
Former Boston Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester is bound for Oakland, California, and has put his Newton home on the market.

According to information posted to City-Data.com, the Colonial home located at 7 Bernard Street in Newton Highlands, belonging to a Jonathan and Farrah Lester, has four bedrooms, four full and one partial bathroom, and nearly 3,300 square feet of interior space. It is listed for $1.85 million.

An open house is scheduled for Sunday, October 5 from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

This means one of two things.  Either Jon Lester isn't going to re-sign with the Red Sox or he plans on buying a bigger house when he gets his lucrative contract this offseason from them.  Im going with the former.  And that sucks.

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VIDEO: An Idiot Chiefs Fan Taunted A Patriots Fan By Air Humping His Face And Chanting USA, USA. Stay Classy, KC.

First of all, this Patriots fan should have punched this guy in the dick instead of just sitting there and taking it.  Secondly, he should have educated him and told him that New England is in the United States.  What a bunch of dumb fucks.

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VIDEO: A Reporter Had The Balls To Ask Bill Belichick After The Game If He Will Be Benching Tom Brady For Jimmy Garoppolo...And So It Begins.

I can't tell if the dude was serious or just being a ball buster, but listen as some reporter asks Bill Belichick, "will the quarterback situation be evaluated" (translation: will you be benching Brady for Garroppolo after one bad game).

Then listen as Belichick doesn't even use words to answer.  He literally laughs in the asshole's face and shakes his head.

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FINAL: Chiefs 41 Patriots 14

Well, that sucked.

Seriously, the offense sucked, the defense sucked, the offensive line sucked, the defensive line sucked, the special teams sucked and Tom Brady sucked.

Funny, I always thought it would be a Drew Bledsoe type injury that would lead to the Brady-to-Garoppolo transition. Not a blowout in Kansas City.

Get ready people, because the “bench Brady” bullshit is coming.  And it's going to be real loud.

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Here Are The Patriots Chiefs Keys To The Game

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And Your Tweet Of The Day


And in the end, the 2014 shit show that was the Boston Red Sox season ends with them going 71-91.  Hey, at least they surpassed the 69 win season of the Bobby Valentine Era.  At least we can say that.

VIDEO: Keith Olbermann Took A Seven Minute Shit All Over Derek Jeter...And It Was Awesome.

Sure, Keith Olbermann comes across as a high society douchebag with a holier-than-thou attitude and sure, he can be a condescending prick sometimes (and Im not just saying that because we got into a pissing match once on twitter), but he absolutely nailed it with this seven minute rant on Derek Jeter.

Listen to him explain how, in a stat driven game, Jeter has never actually achieved anything other than showing up and wearing a Yankees uniform.  I really hope this will open up some people's eyes and put an end to the mass ball washing.

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VIDEO: Ray Lewis Talked About The Ray Rice Scandal And Said "There Are Some Things You Can Cover Up And There Are Some Things You Can't.” I Shit You Not.

This had to be one of the most awkward moments in the history of ESPN.

Listen to Ray Lewis talk about the Ray Rice scandal and say (at the 1:53 mark), "there are some things you can cover up and there are some things you can't." I really wish someone on that panel had the balls to say, "um...like that time you killed two people and hid the blood stained suit, you fucking scumbag?"

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FINAL: Patriots 16 Raiders 9

I don't think anyone saw a 16-9 win coming.  Not against a pathetic, joke of a team like the Raiders.

I swear, the Patriots defense--actually the entire team--spent the week playing video games and not studying film.  The Raiders kicker, Sebastian Janikowski, had more points (9) than Tom Brady (7) for Christ's sake.

I get that the Patriots won the game and I should be happy, but right now I feel wicked pissed off.  Everyone should feel pissed off right now.

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Your Patriots Raiders Keys To The Game

For the record, my official prediction is: Patriots 59 Raiders 0.

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As If You Needed Any More Proof The Raiders Suck...

ESPN Stats & Info


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The Latest Poll Results Are In And It Appears The Entire Country Thinks The Raiders Suck.

Tom Brady Is Such A Ball Buster. On The Eve Of The Raiders Game, He Posted This Picture On His Facebook Page.

I guess Brady is done studying film for the week and felt like playing the role of internet troll today.  Anyway, this doesn't even bother me.  I mean, that was a pretty awesome game.

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So, This Happened Last Night.

The Red Sox are basically playing 2015 spring training games right now, so it's nice to see a veteran like David Ortiz is still playing like he gives a shit.

By the way, remember when people were bitching about the Red Sox signing him to a contract extension during Spring Training?  Yea, those people look like assholes right now.

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VIDEO: A Heckler Interrupted Roger Goodell's Press Conference Today By Screaming "Dont Take Me To An Elevator." You Can't Make This Shit Up.

Roger Goodell held a news conference today to address the domestic abuse epidemic in the NFL.  The dude basically talked in circles and flung a lot of bullshit.  Then, after about 30 minutes, this happened:

UPDATE: so, it turns out the heckler was Benjy Bronk from the Howard Stern show.  Well played.  That press conference was a friggin joke anyway.  Why not make a mockery of it.

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VIDEO: A Pissed Off Tedy Bruschi Responds To Roger Goodell’s Press Conference By Saying He Should Step Down. I Like His Balls.

Kudos to Tedy Bruschi for having the balls to say what most people in the media are afraid to say: Roger Goodell has to go. And he said it on national TV right after Goodell's bullshit press conference. Seriously, that takes balls. Big brass ones.

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Bill Belichick’s Girlfriend Tongue Kissed Him Before Sunday’s Game And Posted The Picture On Instagram. Well, Isn’t She The Cool Kid.

via Instagram/LindaHollidayOfficial

Linda Holliday posted this on her Instagram page with the caption, "love starting the game with a kiss and ending with a win!!"  I don't know why she even bothered.  We all know Bill Belichick is incapable of feeling human emotions and doesn't care about a stupid pregame kiss.

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...And I Just Got Verbally Bitch Slapped By The Source.

Well, what do you know.  I got this tweet from Bill Belichick's aforementioned girlfriend today.


She thinks I should grow up? Im a grown ass man with a wife and kid.  And Im not the one posting pictures on the internet of myself tongue kissing my wife.  Who needs to grow up, now?

Ochocinco Trolled Milan Lucic and Zdeno Chara On Twitter For Some Reason. Um...Okay.


First of all, no one gives a shit about Ochocinco anymore and its kind of pathetic that he is trolling Bruins fans for attention.

That being said, I would pay good money to see that free loading douche get his ass beat by Zdeno Chara, Milan Lucic or anyone on the Bruins.

He basically stole money from the Patriots and literally accomplished nothing during his time here.  What masshole wouldn't want to see this dude get his ass whipped.

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FINAL: Patriots 30 Vikings 7

Tom Brady was okay in this game, going 15 for 22, throwing for 142 yards and one touchdown. But it didnt matter.

The offensive line did their job (Brady was only sacked once), Matt Cassel's threw four interceptions that led to 17 points and in the end, the Patriots kicked the Vikings' ass.  I needed that. I needed that bad.

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Your Patriots Vikings Keys To The Game

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FINAL: Dolphins 33 Patriots 20

It wasn't supposed to be like this.  The Patriots played like shit and are now 0-1.  My fucking mind is blown right now.  

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Your Patriots Dolphins Keys To The Game

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So, I Should Probably Stop Being A Douche And Explain What's Been Going On.

For the record, I’m not completely disappearing into oblivion during this little sabbatical. You can follow me on my personal twitter account, @eastieND.

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