FINAL: Patriots 43 Bengals 17

So, I guess all that talk about the demise of Tom Brady and the rise of Jimmy Garoppolo was just a bunch of bullshit afterall.

Brady threw for 292 yards and two touchdowns.  Not only that, but he actually threw the ball to dudes not named Julian Edelman.  Rob Gronkowski had 100 yards and a touchdown and Tim Wright had 85 yards and a touchdown.

On top of that, the Patriots actually ran the ball.  Holy shit, stop the presses.  As a team, they had 220 rushing yards.  Stevan Ridley lead the team with 113 and a touchdown, and Shane Vereen had 90 yards.  I honestly wouldn't be surprised to hear that Bill Belichick was calling the plays tonight and told Josh McDaniels to eat shit.  The Patriots looked THAT much different tonight.

Anyway, Tom Brady was being shat on all week by the local and national media and the Patriots really needed an epic bitch slap to shut them up.  And they did.  I hate this phrase, but this was a statement game.  And the Patriots absolutely made the Bengals their bitch.

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