Milan Lucic Apologized To Canadiens Fans For Obscene Gesture And Called Them “Great Fans.” Give Me A Friggin Break.

If you live under a rock and don't know, Milan Lucic made a "jerking off" gesture to Canadiens fans the other night.

Well, today he apologized.  From
“I don’t want to get into details of everything, but just obviously not proud of what I did there, and just want to apologize to our organization for embarrassing the Bruins organization. I also want to apologize to our fans and also apologize to the Montreal Canadiens organization and to the Canadiens fans. I know they can get under your skin sometimes, but they are great fans, so just like I said, apologies for my actions, and I regret what I did.”
I have no friggin idea why he apologized.  These people are savage animals with no respect for the game.  They were absolute pricks during that playoff series last season.

Case in point #1:  that time they threw towels and cans of beer at Milan Lucic as he left the ice.

Case in point #2: that time someone slapped the glass and flipped him the bird for no good reason.

Then there was the time that guy violated our Bobby Orr statue (after Game 7):

I dont mean to sound childish, but they started it.  Every one of these incidents happened before Lucic virtually stroked his dick at them. It just proves that these cunts are not "great fans."

I really wish instead of apologizing Milan Lucic talked about the incidents I just mentioned and said, "fuck em."

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