VIDEO: Tom Brady Addressed The Report Of "Tension" Between Him And Coaches And Basically Called The ESPN Report Bullshit.

From ESPN:
Tension exists between Tom Brady and the New England Patriots' coaching staff, and multiple sources told ESPN that they believe it could influence whether the quarterback finishes his career with the team that he has led to three Super Bowl titles.

Two sources told ESPN that former rookie quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo was drafted as Brady's successor and the move could happen "sooner than later." No source suggested that "sooner" would mean a change during the 2014 season.

Much of Brady's frustration relates to the downsizing of the Patriots offense that stems from questionable personnel decisions and the retirement of longtime line coach Dante Scarnecchia after the 2013 season, the sources told ESPN.

This story broke Sunday morning.  I didn't write about it because Im pretty good at detecting bullshit and this seemed like the bullshittiest story I had read in a long time.  Well, I guess I was right.

Tom Brady seemed personally insulted that Chris Mortenson would use gossip and hearsay to "report" on something as serious as lockerroom dysfunction.

I just wish Brady had taken the gloves off a bit and called him an asshole or something. He's just too damn nice of a guy sometimes.

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