According To The Nerds At FiveThirtyEight, The Patriots Are The Most Likely Team To Win The Super Bowl. Wicked Pissa, Kid.

Three weeks ago, the Denver Broncos looked like an easy choice for the NFL’s best team after back-to-back impressive wins: a 42-17 thumping of the San Francisco 49ers, followed by a 35-21 victory over the then-seventh-ranked San Diego Chargers. Since then, however, Denver has arguably been the coldest team in the league. Or at least, nobody has shed more points off of their Elo rating since the end of Week 8 than the Broncos

Let's be serious.  The Arizona Cardinals aren't going to win the Super Bowl.  And we all know that the Broncos are frauds.  That leaves the Patriots as the only elite team in the NFL.  Period.

This is a team that has been playing with a thorn it it's ass since losing to the Chiefs seven weeks ago.  A team that has won six games in a row and finishes the season with games against the Dolphins, Jets and Bills.

I don't mean to sound like an arrogant prick, but if I had the money I'd buy a plane ticket to Arizona today.

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