Does Trent Dilfer Look Like A Dick Right Now Or What? The Patriots Have The Best Record In The AFC. This Dude Needs To Be Fired.

Remember that time Trent Dilfer was giving his post game analysis and boldly declared that the Patriots were "not good anymore?"  He was basically the first national tv guy to shit on the Patriots.  Well, right now this guy looks like a douchebag of epic proportions.

When you're job is to be a professional football analyst, you have a responsibility to be professional.  I mean, this guy isn't one of those blowhards who just slings bullshit for the sake of slinging bullshit.  He was serious.

In his professional opinion, the Patriots organization is "weak" and "they're not good anymore."  Which is why he needs to be fired. Like now.  He sucks at his job and is doing a disservice to anyone who follows the NFL.  He should not be on tv.  Period.

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