A Lot Of People Picked The Broncos To Win, But Today Kurt Warner Looks Like The Biggest Asshole Of Them All.

This is not photoshopped.  Kurt Warner is just a friggin moron.  He actually predicted that the Broncos would beat the Patriots by 20+ points.  He's another one who doesn't deserve the title of "NFL analyst."  The dude just lost all credibility.

These media types with a hardon for Peyton Manning make me sick to my stomach.  This game was basically for the number one seed in the AFC, which the Patriots now hold.  It was being played in Foxboro and the weather was wicked shitty.  Anyone with half a brain should have known that Peyton Manning was going to shit the bed.

These asshole have to start doing their jobs and get Peyton's jock strap out of their mouths.  It's getting embarrassing.

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