The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Seems To Think LeGarrette Blount Leaving The Steelers Was A Bill Belichick Conspiracy. What A Bunch Of Assholes.

From The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:
Did LeGarrette Blount walk out on the Steelers so he could walk right back to the New England Patriots?
There is no evidence that occurred, but the way the whole thing transpired can raise suspicions and speculation that it was planned. Without skipping a beat, Blount went from a team fighting to make the playoffs to one among the favorites to win it all.

Why wouldn’t there be suspicions that it was all planned? Although there are tampering rules that prohibit players of one team or their representatives from contacting other teams, that goes on all the time.

Who is to know if someone’s agent calls someone on another team and says his halfback could easily get out of his contract with his team if the other would like to have him? No one would know except the agent and the other team’s rep.

Wow.  Talk about a smear campaign.  How the hell did this article make it past layers of editors?  It sounds like something you would read in the comments section of a shitty Steelers blog or something.

The bottom line is, the Steelers had no idea how to use LeGarrette Blount so they limited his playing time and the dude was pissed off.  He didn't know he would be cut after his revolt.  To say the Patriots tampered and orchestrated his exit in Pittsburgh is irresponsible and kinda douchey.

I can't believe this was actually published in a major media outlet.  Whoever the assholes are who run that newspaper owe the Patriots organization, Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft a public apology.

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