PK Subban Got Bumped From The Cover Of US Edition Of Sports Illustrated For Jonas Gray. That's Pissa.

From YahooSports:
P.K. Subban, the charismatic star defenseman for the Montreal Canadiens, made the cover of Sports Illustrated.  What’s the fine print? “Only subscribers and newsstands in Canada will receive this issue.”
So what’s the U.S. issue of Sports Illustrated look like? “Jonas Gray, Because Of Course Jonas Gray.” Really takes away from the fact that the Subban story ISN'T EVEN MENTIONED ON THE COVER OF THE U.S. EDITION.

That is pissa.  Sports Illustrated basically told PK Subban to screw.  And I love the fact that he isn't even mentioned on the cover.  No one wants to read about that arrogant prick in the states anyway.  Kudos, SI.

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