The Weather Channel Did A Segment Calling Out Belichick For Saying Meteorologists In New England Are Wrong. Well Hardy Fucking Har Har.

First of all, how dare they question the wisdom of Bill Belichick?  What balls.

Secondly, they completely missed the point. Bill Belichick wasn't talking about the temperature. He was talking about the fact that most of the assholes on tv around here are quick to predict snow and rain and typically change their forecast daily.

It is very rare that the forecast they give on Thursday for Sunday is accurate.  And Bill was right again.  Every channel in Boston was calling for a rain/snow mix on Sunday.  And like Belichick said, at game time the only water we saw was on the Gatorade table.

Maybe The Weather Channel should stick to the weather and stop questioning the genius who brought this region three Super Bowl Championships.

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