Im Sorry But Anyone Calling Dennis Seidenberg Dirty For This Hit On Jonathan Toews Is An Asshole.

Dennis Seidenberg was called for boarding on this play, which I guess I understand (even though he was clearly playing the puck and not the body) but anyone calling Seidenberg a dirty player is just a Bruins hating asshole who is looking for a reason to pounce on this team.

Im not blaming Jonathon Toews, but Dennis Seidenberg is not a dirty player. Period. Sometimes you just lose your footing. Sometimes you just land awkwardly. And sometimes you get called for boarding when a dude loses his footing and lands awkwardly. Hey, shit happens.

Im not going to get pissy about the bullshit boarding call and Blackhawks fans shouldn't get pissy because your guy landed awkwardly and drew a bullshit penalty.  Let's move on, people.

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