Jets Rookie Calvin Pryor After Loss To The Patriots: "We're The Best 3-12 Team In The History Of Football." What The Hell Does That Even Mean?

This is a real quote from Jets' safety Calvin Pryor:
"If you look at our season, besides two or three games, we've been in every game. You can cut it and slice it how you want to. I think we're--what are we, 3-12?--I think we're the best 3-12 team in the history of football. No doubt about it." 

What's sad is that the Jets are going to continue to suck for years to come if players with this type of mentality are on the team.  I mean, losing is supposed to suck.  It's supposed to hurt and it's supposed to motivate you.

A dude thinking that a 3-12 team is good is just pathetic.  I mean, it is just such a friggin Jets thing to say.  It really is.  I know this is cliche, but you play to win the games and your record is what it is.  And at the end of the day, the Jets suck...and they don't even know it.  And that is pretty sad.

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