FINAL: Patriots 23 Chargers 14

Leading up to this game, a lot of the hype was about that fact that Tom Brady and Philip Rivers were both great quarterbacks in December (coming into this game, Rivers was 33-6 and Brady was 45-7).  But in the end, Rivers couldn't do shit against this Patriots defense. 

They held Rivers to 189 yards, one touchdown and sacked him four times.  They also allowed a season low 216 total yards.  That is wicked pissa.  Just to give you some perspective, Tom Brady alone threw for 317 yards, along with two touchdown.

So in the end, the Patriots are still the #1 seed in the AFC and clinched their 12th straight season with at least 10 wins....and the Chargers are fighting for a playoff spot.  Sucks to be them.

Oh yea, and do you know what's friggin awesome? The Patriots' next three games are against the Dolphins, Jets and Bills.

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