Some Douchebag Columnist At The South Florida Sun-Sentinal Thinks The Key To A Dolphins Victory Will Be Late, Violent Hits On Tom Brady. Are You Shitting Me?

Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinal has been tweeting all day about the Patriots Dolphins game. And here is his insightful, thought provoking analysis as to how the Dolphins can beat the Patriots on Sunday:


Basically, he thinks the key to beating the Patriots is to injure Tom Brady. He actually believes this and is spewing this bullshit (I get that it was a retweet and this dickhead didn't actually write it, but a retweet is an endorsement).

I would expect something like this from a twitter troll or a loser blogger.  But a paid columnist saying the key to winning is to injure the quarterback? That's friggin low.  And pretty lazy.

I feel bad that Dolphins fans have to read this garbage.  And to be honest, I'll be surprised if this dude has a job come Monday morning.

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